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Former supermodel Cindy Crawford faced backlash from some of her Instagram followers after she posted a picture of her bikini bod on her page.

Some of Crawford's fans think she is simply too old to be showing off her body. She is 55.

Crawford was enjoying her summer, by the lake while rocking a burgundy bikini, "A little bit of lake light ✨🇨🇦" the post was captioned.

We think she looks great for her age, but apparently, some of her followers did not agree:

"You are old now. I don't think you are living in reality. Men do not foam at the mouth at 55 year old women. Trust me," somebody wrote.

“Look at me look at me - time to let it go your ship has sailed,” another critic chimed in.

While somebody commented, “Getting a little old for this...”

Is Cindy Crawford too old to post bikini pics? Let us know.