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Twitter Agrees BRANDY Beat Monica; Here's The Moment That Brandy DID IT!!


Last night was the epic Monica vs Brandy musical showdown, and it was fantastic. Both ladies showcased their hit records from the 1990s and 2000s. And the event was one of the best Versus battles ever.


But the real question is - who won?

We here at MTO News thought that Monica was winning the battle. But when Brandy dropped this story about Tupac - and led into her biggest hit song, it was over.

And the folks on Twitter unanimously agree with us. You can see the look on Monica's face when Brandy did it. She knew she lost at that moment:

But not everything was all love, MTO News has learned that the haters are coming out, and criticizing the appearance of R&B singer Brandy. You see, Brandy put on a few pounds and was looking a little thick on the stage.

And some fans are making fun of Brandy, calling her fat.