Remy Ma is coming out swinging, against an outrageous fan who took a video of their daughter - and then, according to Remy, went online and called their 10 month old child "ugly."

Remy Ma and her husband Papoose were caught off guard by the female fan, as the couple was out running errands with daughter Reminisce. The fan pulled up on the couple, and started filming their daughter.

Remy politely asked the woman to stop filming, and the fan complied with Remy's wishes.

But that was only the beginning.

According to Remy, the fan took the footage and  posted the video online. And to ensure that the fan would get "clout" from the video, Remy claims that the woman called 10 month old Reminisce "ugly."

Here's what Remy wrote:


Here's the video:

By the way - the woman is crazy, Remy's daughter is TOO CUTE. Here's a close up pic of the child: