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Famous Dex's team have said that they are monitoring his drug use closely after the rapper fell asleep live on Instagram.

Fans were concerned after Dex appeared to nod off with a blunt in his hand on Live, and was out for quite a few seconds. The lit blunt appeared to be burning into one of his hands, but that did not wake him.

According to TMZ, the Chicago rapper has a drug problem, and they have been told that Dex abuses opioids.

Dex hopped back on Instagram to tell fans that he fell asleep because he was working so hard in the studio, but nobody bought that excuse.

Sources told TMZ "Dex was upset by the video of himself passing out and expressed a desire of never wanting to see himself like that again. The problem ... he's tried getting treatment, but always circles back to drugs."

TMZ were also told that "there's someone who is always by Dex's side for the sole purpose of making sure he's coherent enough to do his job. We're also being told that, at times, there's even someone who sleeps in the same bed to make sure he's okay. His team is actively working to get him the help he needs."