Rapper Famous Dex appeared to suffer a seizure while on stage at the 1 OAK in West Hollywood in the early morning hours on Friday.

TMZ reports that he suffered a seizure at the club a little before 2 AM and was rushed to the hospital shortly thereafter.

A rep for the rapper told the outlet, "We wish Famous Dex a speedy recovery after his epileptic seizure last night. He is currently in good spirits and hopes to return back to finishing his new album. He thanks all his fans for their prayers and well wishes."

Last year, Dex made headlines after he appeared to nod off with a blunt in his hand on Live, and was out for quite a few seconds. The lit blunt appeared to be burning into one of his hands, but that did not wake him. He later claimed that he had fallen asleep not because of his reported drug use, but because he was tired from all the hours in the studio, he was putting in.