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Famous Dex Apologizes For Dissing King Von

Famous Dex issued an apology for dissing Chicago rapper King Von for allowing Tekashi 6ix9ine to visit O Block.

In the clip, he called for unity.

“I ain’t gon’ say nobody name ’cause I give people fame doing that,” ranted. “You supposed to be from Chicago … we supposed to be together, coming together. F*ck Chicago, we’re supposed to be coming together because Black on Black -- Black power! You know what I’m saying? Like all these people come together so excuse my negativity to my fans. But all that other stuff, I just wanna say I love me. And I ain’t apologizing, I’m apologizing to my fans because my fans know that’s not Dexter. F*ck anybody else and that’s how I feel.”

The pair have been beefing since the death of rising Chicago rapper, FBG Duck. King Von called Dex a “sweet f*ggot ass n*gga” for crying on camera over the sad news.