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FAMILY FUN: Bobbi Brown's Daughters Look EXACTLY LIKE HIM!!!!


Bobby Brown was spotted out at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles, CA with his wife and daughters. Bobbi and wife Alicia have three children together, an 9 year old son named Cassius - and two little girls.

Yesterday Bobby decided to go shopping with his three girls. Almost immediately people began commenting about how similar the two girls looked to their dad. The girls are very close in age - Bhodi is 3 and Hendrix is 2.

Bobbi is still getting over the death of his daughter Bobbi Kristina, whom he had with legendary singer Whitney Houston. Bobbi died of a suspected drug overdose many years ago.


Brown has fathered seven children. His eldest, Landon, was born circa 1986 to Melika Williams. With girlfriend Kim Ward, whom he met circa 1980, he had daughter La'Princia (born 1989) and son Bobby Jr. (born c. 1992). Brown and Ward's on-and-off 14-year relationship ended in 1991, after two-months-pregnant Ward found out Brown was engaged.

As you probably know, Bobby first met Whitney Houston at the Soul Train Music Awards in 1989. They began a close friendship after Houston invited 20-year-old Brown to her 26th birthday party in August 1989. Their friendship developed into a romance in 1991. In April 1992, Brown proposed marriage to Houston and the couple married at Houston's estate on July 18, 1992. On March 4, 1993 their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was born. Houston and Brown later collaborated on the hit single "Something in Common", which included their daughter at the end of the video.

RIP Whitney, RIP Bobbi Kristina.