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FAMILY DRAMA: Rihanna Is BEEFING With Her BABY COUSIN MAJESTY . . . And They Child's Family. .. They're Saying That RIH CUT THEM OFF!!!

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Here's what the website Rhymes With Snitch is reporting:

Pop star Rihanna's cousin trolls Bad Gal RiRi by promoting Chris Brown's clothing line...

Rihanna has always shown major amounts of love to her baby cousin Majesty, but Majesty's mom is on some other s**t.

This week cousin Ella promoted Chris Brown's Black Pyramid clothing line and Chris reposted the picture.

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Meanwhile Rihanna didn't post any Christmas presents for Majesty this year like she has in Christmases past, and Ella hasn't posted any pictures of Rihanna in months when before her Instagram was practically a shine to her cousin.