R&B singer Faith Evans' husband Stevie J was caught on Instagram yesterday - flirting with his former co-star on Love & Hip Hop Tommie Lee.

The flirtation started on Live - when Tommie confronted Stevie - for suggesting on their VH1 show, that the two had sex.

Tommie wanted Stevie to correct the record - and admit that he lied about their relationship.

But Stevie began flirting with Tommie and continued doing so throughout the conversation, smiling at her - and talking in a slow and sensual voice.

And at the end of the conversation - Faith's husband even blew a kiss at Tommie.

It's not clear whether Tommie was falling for the Love & Hip Hop star's game. But over the course of the conversation, she did appear to change her energy a bit.

Here's a video of the exchange:

And here are pics of Tommie - the girl that Stevie was flirting with:

Stevie and Evans shockingly tied the knot in July in their Las Vegas hotel room, surrounded by family and friends, shortly after applying for a marriage license in Clark County, Nevada.

The “Hitman” producer announced their marriage on Twitter, writing, “I love you Faith Renee Jordan,” to which the “One More Chance” singer replied, “I love you back Steven Aaron Jordan.” They also have several images of each other that read, “#DaJordans.”

Stevie still says in his Instagram bio that he’s married to Evans, and he last shared a video of his wife to his page on June 15. As for the Grammy Award-winning singer, she still has her and her husband’s Instagram avatar as her profile photo and posted a video of him on her feed On June 20.