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R&B Singer FAITH EVANS Looks Like SOMETHINGS WRONG . . . She Aged DRAMATICALLY In Recent Weeks!! (Pray For Her PEOPLE)


Something seems to be off with the usually LOVELY R&B artist Faith Evans. She was posing with entertainment mogul Deb Antney - and she looked MUCH older than usual. Faith also looked skinnier than normal also.

The weight loss on Faith looks great. And if we're speaking honestly, when she appeared on VH1's "Leave It To Stevie," she didn't exactly look young then either. Faith entered into a relationship with the reality tv lothario despite him being a longtime friend of her ex-husband, but it did not work out because of Stevie's wandering eye.

These days, she is focused on keeping Notorious B.I.G.'s legacy alive.

“There’s a reason that when we lost him we were still married because I think me being the person I am, a lot of people would have handled things a lot differently if they were in my position,” she said. “I’ve definitely over the years come to terms with it being a blessing having been a part of Big’s life… There was a time when people asked, do I ever feel overshadowed by him? But no. Big is Big and he was a part of my life and that’s never going to change. That doesn’t take away from the greatness I represent,” she told Indiewire.

In the past Faith has struggled with a drug problem. She admitted to using COCAINE in the past.