Fabulous Baby Mama's NEW BODY . . . Bought Her FAKE BUTT . . . To Apologize For 'Abuse'!!

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Rapper Fabulous' baby mother Emily is looking amazing, thanks to diet, exercise, and a quick trip to a top Miami plastic surgeon. According to reports, Emily recently underwent body augmentation surgery in Miami to tighten things up, and REDISTRIBUTE some of her body fat.

But she didn't have to pay for it. You see, her baby father Fabulous has been treating her like a QUEEN ever since she levied abuse allegations against the rapper. New Jersey authorities are still pursing a criminal action against Fab, but it doesn't look like Emily is cooperating with the investigation anymore.

It's still not entirely clear WHAT happened between Fab and Emily during their relationship. But one thing is for sure, they seem to be happy together right now.


Back earlier this year in early Spring a disturbing video of an altercation between Fab and Emily surfaced. The video was obtained by TMZ, and Fabolous is seen threatening Emily B and her father while holding a sharp object. The clip was shot Wednesday, March 28 in the driveway of the rapper’s Engelwood, N.J., home. It shows Fabolous’ bodyguard attempting to hold the rapper back while he lunges at Emily B, and shouts profanities and threats. Screaming children can be heard in the background.

Fabolous turned himself in to authorities after the alleged domestic dispute turned violent. Court documents obtained by NorthJersey.com state the Brooklyn rapper hit the mother of his two kids, Emily B., seven times in the face, which resulted in the 36-year-old losing her two front teeth. The report also says Fab later threatened the life of the victim’s father and brother.