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Rapper Fabolous finally broke his silence about the viral video, which appeared to show him being violent to the mother of his children, Emily B.

The incident stunned the Hip Hop community, with rumors that he had allegedly punched Emily B's teeth out and even allegedly threatened her and her father with a knife.

According to Fab, the video did not tell the whole story.

"I'm more into myself with my family, and my personal life is usually handled inside, it's not usually public, with opinions, comments, family members involved—them reacting to everything," he told Ebro In The Morning.

He continued:

"We had to deal with it internally it wasn't about dealing with it publicly. That's where I put my energy and focus into dealing with it internally. Publicly, everybody is going to have their opinions. There are going to be some speculations...but the clarity that I was looking for was inside more than anything. Because that's the people that I'm dealing with every day. Those are the people that I love that I want to make sure they are clear on what's going on. I didn't focus on what's going on the outside."

Following the incident, Fab remained tight-lipped as he tried to hold his family together, but it seems that he may have a long way to go until everything is good on the family front.

He did apologize for his behavior during the interview:

"I apologize for coming across in the light I wouldn't want to be represented in," he said. "I don't know anything else...people make their opinions. All I can I do is apologize for being in a light that's not showing my best self."