Fabolous and Emily B were married last month, inside a Bergen County New Jersey courtroom, MTO reported the news when it happened.

Well yesterday Fabolous admitted to the world that he and Emily are married - for the first time publicly.

The rapper made - what can be considered an official announcement these days - on social media. He posted a pic of himself, wearing his new wedding ring. The ring matches the wedding ring that his wife Emily B is spotted wearing.

Here's Emily wearing her ring last month:


Fab and Emily are still embroiled in legal drama. Earlier in the year, Emily called police on her rapper husband, and alleged that he "abused" her.

Since then, Emily has recanted her story, and has refused to help prosecutors - who are trying to put Fabolous in prison.

Well now that she's married to Fab, the prosecutions case is now all but over. 

Under US law, a wife is not allowed to testify against her husband. And without her testimony, prosecutors cannot possibly hope to convict Fab.

The news of the possible marriage comes at the same time the rapper pleaded not guilty to four felony charges after he allegedly threatened and assaulted Emily in March. He’s also accused of threatening to shoot Emily’s father, and some of that exchange was caught on video.

If convicted on all counts, the “Breathe” rapper could get a 20-year-prison sentence, but his lawyer Brian Neary said prosecutors have already contacted him for a plea deal.

And if that deal is accepted, Fab would only plead guilty to one count of felony brandishing and threatening a domestic violence victim, since he had scissors in his hand during the argument. He may be able to avoid a trial and prison as well.