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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Fabolous' Domestic Incident Was A 'BIG MISUNDERSTANDING' . . . But Emily says He Knocked Out Her Teeth!!!

Fabolous_Emily B.

MTO initially spoke with folks close to Fab and Emily who claimed the incident was a big misunderstanding. But according to local reports it is VERY SERIOUS.

Here is what is being reported:

According to an affidavit of probable cause, while on a flight back from Los Angeles, the victim told police that Jackson, 40, said via text he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and that he would k!ll her but he "did not want to go out like that." The victim told police she was scared because of the March 7 incident. The victim was later punched by Jackson seven times in the face "causing severe damage to her two front teeth." She ended up losing her two front teeth, according to court documents.

Because of the incident, "the victim called her father to remove two handguns from the residence due to her fear that they may be used against her," according to the affidavit.

Yesterday news broke that rapper Fabolous and his longtime partner Emily B got into a domestic incident. Fab was arrested and released after being charged criminally.

But MTO News spoke with people close to BOTH Fab and Emily, and both sides appear to agree that the incident was a "misunderstanding," and that police should have NEVER been called.

A source close to Fab told MTO News, "Those two really love each other, and there was no need to bring law enforcement into it. Fab never beat her, or did any of the mess people are saying."

We've also been told that they expect that Emily will ask to have charges against her longtime partner DROPPED shortly. The insider told MTO News, "She really doesn't want to have Fab in jail over nonsense."

According to the police report, Fab turned himself in after the incident. He was then arrested, booked on felony charges of aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat. The problem is, whether or not you have been cleared of the charges, people never forget a domestic violence arrest and this will likely stay with him for years to come and possibly mess up some of his coins.

Mud sticks.