Fabolous BABY MAMA Emily . . . Shows Off Her NEW TEETH!!! (PICS)

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Emily B has a brand new smile - thanks to her loving boyfriend Fabolous. Earlier in the year there were some NASTY rumors going around - that Faboloua may have KNOCKED OUT her teeth.

Those rumors came from Emily. She called the police on Fab a few months back, and told them that the Brooklyn rapper beat her, and knocked out her two front teeth. Later Emily retracted her statement and refused to cooperating with authorities prosecuting Fab.

In what could be just a BIG coincidence, Emily B got some brand new teeth. Her smile looks GREAT.

Here's her new smile:

Back in May after the alleged domestic incident, Emily B reapeared on Instagram via her Insta-story where she took a still shot of herself and son Jonas, flashing a smile. It was just a few weeks ago when news broke that her allegedly belligerent baby daddy loosened her teeth up after he hit her in the mouth.

According to Emily - who leaked video of a violent incident to TMZ - Fabolous punched her in the face, knocking out her two font teeth.

Fab also threatened Emily's father in a shocking video that TMZ got a hold of. The rapper is seen cursing and screaming at both Emily and her father with an alleged KNIFE in his hand. His security guard had to hold him back. Emily looked as if she was fearful for her life.

In an official summons and complaint against Fab – Emily B said her sons’ father committed domestic violence against her, punching her in the head seven times, “causing severe damage to her two front teeth,” which later had to be medically removed.