FABOLOUS And EMILY Got Married . . . Pics Of Matching WEDDING RINGS!!

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Fabulous and Emily Bustamante are officially married, MTO News has confirmed. Fabulous told friends this weekend at BETs Hip Hop Awards that he was a "married man." And Fab was wearing a ring to prove it.

According to two rappers - who spoke to MTO News on the condition of anonymity - Fabolous was beaming all weekend, and telling people that he and Emily wed.

A tipster told MTO News, "He told [us] that not only was he married, but that he was being faithful to [Emily] also."

Fabulous had been known to openly cheat on Emily.

Despite having a child and being together for over a decade, Fabolous and Emily B made no movement towards getting married yet. Back in 2013, Emily B was seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger but we haven't seen it on her since. The rapper shared a photo of himself and Emily B earlier this summer in a photobooth with the caption, "Alexa play "Pressure" by 52 Savage" along with a ring emoji. 

And last Spring, their relationship was nearly lost. Emily called the police against Fab, and she made allegations against Fab of abuse. At the time Fab was arrested, and forced to move out of their home.

Since then, the couple has worked HARD to get their relationship back on track. The two went too counseling and church, and are it worked.

This summer, as a culmination of their hard work - the two wed.

The exact timing and details of their wedding was not clear, but MTO News was told that the two were married "this past summer."