PICS: Fabolous And Emily Are BACK TOGETHER . . . Spotted At Coachella!! (Emily Has 'NEW TEETH')

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Rapper Fabolous and his estranged girlfriend Emily B are back together agan —the two were spotted at Coachella together— and they looked very much like a couple.

That's despite the fact that Fab was arrested after allegedly assaulting her less than a month ago. Fabolous can be seen holding hands with a woman in a viral video clip.

While it’s unclear if the woman is actually Emily, several fans took to Twitter to claim that they had seen the two together. Check out the video clip that people think shows Fabolous and Emily B back together, and judge for yourself!

For Emily’s family and friends, these two hanging out is the worst case scenario. It has een reported that Emily’s pals were nervous that she’d eventually get back together with the rapper. “Emily is staying with family right now but she and #Fab are talking daily and he’s begging her for another chance,” a source close to Emily says. “She hasn’t taken him back yet but a lot of her friends fear it’s only a matter of time before she does because she’s already started making excuses for him.”

If their recent sighting proves to be true, her friends’ fear was not misplaced.

The two were spotted only a few days after news surfaced that Fab and his lawyers requested a delay in the trial which they were ultimately granted. Fab 's court date was pushed back until mid-May for his aggravated assault trial. The charges he's facing might lead him to some lengthy time behind bars, if convicted.