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Fabolous And Babys Mama EMILY Are Fighting AGAIN . .. Firing Shots On INSTAGRAM!!!


It was just last week that Fabolous and his bays mother Emily appeared to be back together, and in a good place in their relationship. Well all that changed yesterday, when the two started PUBLICLY fighting on Instagram.

It all started early in the morning, when Fabolous posted the pic of a beautiful woman in a bikini. Almost immediately Fab's comments were filled with people that @'d Emily. They called Fab "disloyal" and said that he had "no respect" for his current relationship for posting the pics.

Here's the image of the girl that Fab posted, he called it "Poolside Vibes".


Well Emily responded, by posting a pic of her own "vibes." She was wearing a T-Shirt from the movie Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy as a playboy who didn't recognize his true love, even though she was right there all along.

Here's Emily's post:


Earlier this week we reported that, "Fabolous is scheduled to go on trial in New Jersey, for allegedly beating up his longtime GF Emily B. Prosecutors claim that Fab put hands on his GF - and knocked out two of her teeth. And the prosecutors are going to need Emily B's testimony to put Fab behind bars."

Fab told fans on social media that he's under PRESSURE to marry Emily. And he suggested that he could propose to her any day now.

In possibly unrelated news, Fab's legal team told prosecutors that they are no longer willing to accept a plea deal on the domestic violence case. Prosecutors told the court that they believed they had a "deal" with Fab's team. But that Fabolous backed out of the deal just a a few days prior.