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Fab And Emily MAKE IT OFFICIAL . . . They're BACK TOGETHER . . . Emily Calls Him 'Her Sunshine'!!


Last month, MTO News reported that Fabolous babys mother Emily Nustamante called police on the rapper, and told authorities that he KNOCKED OUT HER TEETH. But now she's back together with him - and PUBLICLY flirting with him online.

MTO News told you yesterday that Fabolous and Emily are again living together - in Fabolous New Jersey mansion - and they're together again. In addition, Fabolous also purchased new teeth for Emily. 

This is after many reports and a video showed Fab threatening Emily's life. In fact, "a police affidavit revealed texts from the 40-year-old MC threatening the former Love & Hip-Hop reality star, Emily. The messages reportedly said that Fab "wanted to hit [Emily] in the head with a baseball bat and that he would kill her but he 'did not want to go out like that,'" according to

Well now Emily and Fab made it official last night. . . .

You see, Emily posted a pic online and she appeared to be praising Fab as "her sunshine." Fab responded with hearts. Look:


Fabolous is still facing domestic violence charges in the State of New Jersey. But it appears that Emly may be preparing to DROP all charges. Last month, a hearing was DELAYED - which is typically a sign of a victim no longer cooperating with authorities.

If Emily refuses to cooperate, legal experts believe that prosecutors will be forced to DROP CHARGES on Fabolous.

Fab's lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, responded to Billboard's request for comment last month and he said. "I’ve known Fab close to 20 years and believe he is incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct," he challenged.