EXTREME TRICKING!! Tiger Woods Reportedly Paid His NEW GIRLFRIEND . . . $200K IN CASH . . . And Take A WILD GUESS What She Looks Like!!!


Tiger Woods is caught up in another scandal. Radar Online claims that he gave his new "girlfriend" $200K in cash - and she got busted with it.

Here's what they're saying:

Radar Online has learned that he's secretly moved on from Lindsey Vonn with another hot blonde — and she was recently stopped at the airport with $200,000 in CASH that she claimed came from Tiger.

According to police records obtained by Radar, Dallas stylist Kristin Smith, 33, was stopped by police at Palm Beach Airport — not far from Tiger's Florida estate — at roughly 7:30 in the morning on April 25. The issue? During a routine security screening, police had found $200,000 in her bag!

"Upon arrival, I made contact with Kristin, who when asked about the money … stated is this going to be available to the public," the attending officer stated in an incident report obtained by Radar.

Here are some pics of Kristin: