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MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE!! Rapper EMINEM Got Exposed . . . He Was Caught SMASHING A THOT . . . In A CHEAT MOTEL!! (He's At The MOTEL 6)

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Legendary rapper EMINEM just got exposed – he was caught SMASHING a Detroit THOT – inside a BUDGET MOTEL.

Eminem sold more than 50 million records – he ain’t have to take the thot to the MOTEL 6.

When the video hit social media, many were laughing at and cracking jokes about the old school television in the back. As Em enters the hotel room, he affectionately kisses and hugs the young lady as she films. He even asks her if she is filming and she answers him honestly.

Some were perplexed as to how the "Revival" star could have been caught lacking, while other felt that Eminem didn't care about being caught on video. He seemed happy and comfortable around her.

"No "don't record me" or " I don't want people knowing bout this," this ain't no L bro lool he doesn't care 😭😂"

"This isn’t anything... for the first time in a long time dude looks healthy, and looks happy. I thought there was some shit on here. They just talking."

"lmao true... my first thought was to snatch the phone but all I could hear in my head was "lawsuit." I think he played it well... if I was him I probably woulda shook the spot after but he did kiss her... which makes me think there is some real connection there."

"He seems to actually know here I don’t think this is some random thotty bruh 😂"

What do you think? Did Eminem get caught slippin', or is the lady in the video his new girlfriend? Either way, Em can do better than a Motel 6!!!