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EXPLOSIVE RUMOR: They're Saying That Rapper JIM JONES . . . Is Secretly . . . Rapper YOUNG M.A'S FATHER!! (Details Inside - That WOULD Explain Her Bars)


There's a rumor bubbling the streets of New York, saying that Young M.A is Jim Jones' daughter. Officially, Jim Jones has one child - a son named Pudie.

But is it possible that Jim could have a second . . . secret child? Let's explore the similarities between Young Ma and Jim Jones.

First, the two are both from New York City, and both talented rappers. Jim Jones represents Harlem and Young M.A represents Brooklyn.

Age-wise, it's possible. You see Young Ma is 24, and Jim is 40 - which would mean that he would have had her when he was 16.

But sorry folks - the rumor does NOT appear to be true. Jim Jones was asked about it this summer, and he "laughed off" the question.