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EXPLICIT Family Pic Goes VIRAL . . . After Family Post 'RAUNCHY' Pool Pic With Their Daughter . . . ON SOCIAL MEDIA!! (Are They Doing TOO MUCH??)


Social media went into a frenzy today – when a raunchy family pic showing a couple chilling out alongside their little daughter in a swimming pool.

In the trending picture, the man was seen smooching and kissing with his wife while holding their little girl who innocently seemed oblivious to what was going on.

The picture was intimate, but perhaps what makes it a little saucy is that the ladies amble cakes are in full view in the pic. Her pink swimsuit isn't leaving much to the imagination, as they snuggled up in the shallow end of the pool.

We can't help but wonder whether or not the photograph would have caused such a stir if she had a flat, pancake booty? Often, what makes the difference in scenarios like these is whether or not the woman is voluptuous or not? There's nothing sexy or sexual about a woman who is shaped like a baseball bat! And besides - there doesn't appear to be any tongue on display!

Also, we know that they weren't alone in the pool because somebody had to take the picture.

What do you think? Was this photo of the loving couple inappropriate? Should they leave the smooching until the baby isn't around or is it essential for growing children to see displays of affection between their parents? Are lustful displays of love and affection ever ok in front of the babies.

Let us know your thoughts on the racy image.

Here is the pic: