Rob Bremmer, a Pilot and Instructor, is coming forward to claim that NBA star Kobe Bryant likely felt "no pain" during or after the helicopter crash that killed him.

The pilot was in a head on plane crash, similar to Kobe's - and according to him it didn't hurt one bit.

Here's what he says happened:

In August 1984 I was a flight Instructor, flying a passenger to Monterey California. We were making an instrument approach in the clouds. The instruments failed in a way I thought I was on course correctly. Long story short we flew a Grumman Tiger at approach speed (90) past the airport (timing issue) into a hill on an approach path angle, in the fog. This is usually not survivable.

But the pilot survived. And now he can give a first hand description of what it feels like to go down in a plane crash:

When I saw scrub-brush appear in the clouds, at 90 mph, my thought was “this is it.” As we hit, our bodies were flung forward. My face hit the instrument panel hard. There was no pain as my nose broke, as my glasses were mushed into my face, as my arm broke and as I suffered quick deceleration and extreme bruising.

Same for the passenger. I blacked out, last view being instrument panel. Sense of complete accepatance, and no pain. Came to some time later. Body back, head back, top of plane gone. We were upright. No pain.

My face felt wet. I touched it with my right hand, and figured it was blood. My passenger was screaming get out get out.