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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NY Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine CONTINUES To Get Disrespected . . . Even The MEDIA Is Messing With Him!! (LOL)

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NY Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine got into it with the MEDIA - during a recent interview.

The upcoming rapper was doing an interview when all of a sudden the cameraman started being VERY DISRESPECTFUL.

Apparently, the guys who interviewed him before clowning him were none other than the guys who trolled rapper and podcast host Joe Budden outside of his home. The disrespectful OVO fans drove off in their cars but Budden wasn't about to let them get away and hopped into his car. Their laughter quickly turned to screams as he caught up with them and tried to get into their car.

In the below video, the young men ask Tekashi about his chains, calling them "fake" before they then mocked him about his child rape allegations. It's not long before an increasingly irritated Tekashi realizes what's going on and lashes out before disappearing into his van. His security attempts to unsuccessfully move the real-life trolls, and the video then cuts off.

With all of the craziness that has surrounded Tekashi lately, he should really invest in a larger security team or at least a more aggressive bodyguard. He allowed these men to get far too close to the rapper.

Tekashi is likely to find himself as the butt of even more jokes. After claiming on social media that he had signed with Birdman for $15 million, XXL reached out to Birdman's camp who denied his claims flat out. He does not have a deal with Cash Money.

This guy has the worst luck.