EXCLUSIVE Video From Atlanta Housewife Sheree's New MEGA MANSION! (Chateau Sheree)

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Sheree Whitfield built her home - known as Chateau Sheree - from the ground up. It took her almost five years to complete it - but it's now done. And it looks just as spectacular and magnificent as ever.

Sheree had to call in favors from friends - including longtime pal Steve Harvey - to help get it done.

But we have to admit, it came out even BETTER than we imagined. It is a PALACE.

But, now that the construction is out of the way, it appears Sheree my have hit another bump in the road. According to several reports and court documents Sheree may need to sell her gorgeous Chateau Sheree to pay off debt. Contractors have filed complaints alleging they were not paid for services rendered.

“Master Craft Stucco won a judgment against Sheree’s shell corporation and was reportedly awarded $26,586.41, plus $1,981.50 in interest and court costs, but has yet to be paid. Other alleged expenses Sheree owes includes $10,012.50 to Heritage Landscape Group of Flowery Branch for landscaping work that was performed to help her pass inspection for the certificate of occupancy.”

Liens on the home are said to total about $348,404.48. After all of Sheree’s hard work, we’re definitely rooting for her. She has been through a lot and completing this home, all on her own, was such a victory and we hope she prevails.