EXCLUSIVE: Eye Witness Claims . . . It Was KELIS That ABUSED NAS During Marriage!!! (Details)

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Yesterday R&B singer Kelis nearly BROKE THE INTERNET, when she told the website Hollywood Unlocked - that her marriage with rapper Nas was "full of abuse."

But Kelis CHOSE HER WORDS carefully in the interview. For example, she never SPECIFICALLY said that Nas "abused her." Instead, she said that their marriage "had abuse," and that the two "fought" and that she was "covered in bruises."

Well now we're beginning to understand WHY she was so choosy with her words. According to a man who claims he was an EYE WITNESS to the "abuse" in the marriage - it was Kelis who was ABUSING NAS.

The man - who worked in an Atlanta restaurant near Nas and Kelis home, explained what he saw:


The way Kelis told is yesterday went like this:

Kelis: We were drinking too much, smoking too much. We were too much. It was all too much.

We lived hard. There was no balance, there was no normalcy. . .

I didn't file for divorce because he cheated. He's been cheating for two years and I didn't file. because I knew that. . .

There was a lot of drinking. There was a lot of mental and physical abuse. . . . I would have probably stayed longer had I not been pregnant.

Jason: So what you say verbal and physical abuse, [Nas] would hit you?

Kelis: We would fight. I never just sat there, but we would definitely fight.