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EXCLUSIVE: SZA Secretly Married Her Boyfriend . . . And He May ALREADY BE MARRIED!!!


MTO News is hearing rumors that R&B goddess SZA and her boyfriend - a Los Angeles promoter, got secretly married.

Sza has been acting BIZARRELY for the past few weeks - dropping out of shows, and claiming that she will retire from music shortly. And her latest BIZARRE behacviormay have to do with her new man.

 MTO News is hearing some VERY interesting tea. According to a person close to Sza - she believed may have gotten secretly married. Here's what a snitch told us:

Sza has been dating [popular Los Angeles promoter] for a while and I think they got married. She is wearing a wedding ring, and that's the same ring that [The producer's] other wife wears.

Yes you read that right. The popular producer is ALREADY MARRIED. While we can't confirm the legal status. The man that Sza is believed to be "married" to is currently "married" and living with another woman.


MTO News reported earlier this week that R&B singer Sza announced that she damaged her vocal cords - after touring and singing for 11 months straight. Well now we're getting more details.

According to a person inside her label, SZA is believed to have damaged her cords - trying to sing during her annual Ramadan fast. SZA is a practicing Muslim, she grew up in an Islamic household.

According to SZA, her vocal cords are "permanently injured." But SZA may not be telling the entire story.

But an insider tells MTO News that SZA was fasting - no food or liquids - while practicing. And the lack of water dried up her vocal cords. Our snitch believes that her dry throat is what "damaged" her vocal cords.