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EXCLUSIVE: Stevie J Blindsided Faith w/ Divorce - She Found Out ON TWITTER!!

Stevie J filed to divorce his wife of three years, legendary R&B singer Faith Evans. MTO News spoke with multiple people close to the couple and they tell us that Faith had "no idea" that her marriage was in trouble.

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In fact, Faith learned that her husband was divorcing her ON TWITTER, MTO News has confirmed.

One of Faith's close friends explained, "Faith really loves Stevie, and she thought they were in a good place in their relationship. Then this n**g* files for divorce."


The friend continued, "We're just trying to process what the f**k is going on. Is this some sort of reality tv hoax, or is he doing this for clout, or is this real."

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A quick look on Faith's IG page shows that up until last week, the beautiful singer was praising her husband. And her profile pic - at least as of this morning - is a picture of Faith and Stevie together.

Finally Faith's friend told MTO News, "Faith deserves something better. She really loves that man, and he's dragging her name like she's Joseline or one of those other reality show h*es."