EXCLUSIVE: R&B Singer TREY SONGZ . . . Is Caught ‘GRINDING’ . . . On Trans-Actress AMIYA SCOTT!! (

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A shocking CLAIM is being made – against R&B singer Trey Songz. According to one of his fans, she caught the singer “grinding” on trans-actress Amiya Scott.


The pair had been linked years back when a source told HSK that the “Animal” singer was flying Amiya out to his shows.

“When Amiya Scott became a transgender female, her name was Myron, but when he moved to Atlanta, he transformed into Amiya Scott. Trey Songz used to fly out Amiya to his shows; they were messing around for a minute. Tiffany wants to be just like Amiyah, and tries getting at all her tricks.”

Well, a transgender woman is still a woman. And in 2018, when people are making these kinds of claims, we really expect video footage to accompany it. Everybody has a camera phone these days! Since there is no footage, we can assume that the “tea” is old and cold and not a true representation of what’s going on in either of their lives today.

But if it was recent, they are obviously good friends and have some sort of connection. Maybe they just need to be more open about it all and people wouldn’t care as much.

Check out what happened below. Was Trigga caught slippin’ or is this old news?