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EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Pusha T Has A SECRET SON TOO . . . And We Have PICS!! (He's A Rapper)


MTO News exclusively learned that the 41 year old Virginia rapper has a "secret son" of his own.

Rapper Pusha T made news earlier this week, by dropping a diss track The Life Of Addidon - where he disclosed that Drake has a "secret son."

It turns out that Drake isn't the only one that's been keeping his son out of the limelight. So has Pusha T. His son's a RAPPER. named Young Money Yawn. Pusha's son is not signed, and has no ties to Drake's label - Young Money.

So we know what you're wondering. How does MTO News know that YM Yawn is Pushas's son. Well back in Christmas of 2016,  Pusha left this message on his page - he's since deleted the message:

kingpush  Happy Birthday son, u were my first born, of 3 children. You've always looked after your brother and sister @reupgangcj and @widdlesworld and they love you for it. You've been a helpful child whose made me proud throughout the years. Look at what you've become. You're busier than every rapper, car salesman, giggalo, and number man that I know...but u still find the time to come home and eat with your family every holiday baring gifts...You really never let me down. I've watched them speak bad on your name, talk down, lie, cheat, and steal to discredit you...they all failed and still you prayed for them. I tell everybody, "that's my boy!!" What's mine is yours, and if we don't have it between the both of us, we can put our minds together and have it just in time for any Christmas we choose. You can stop counting son, the competition can't

If you look on Young Money Yawn's page, there are all kinds of pics - even from a long time ago - of the two together.

Here are some pics of them together:

First pic Pusha and his son

Here are some more pics of Pusha and his secret son:


We're not sure what Drake and em are going to do with this information . . . .