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EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Jadakiss Is Now Dating Faith Evans!!


MTO News learned that rapper Jadakiss is believed to be dating Faith Evans - according to two people who attended the Luke Cage premiere this week. The couple even took pictures together on the red carpet.

One entertainment insider told MTO News, "Faith and Jada were definitely together. They sat together, hung out together, and left together. They were so cute."

Another entertainment insider, who is an ACTOR on the show Luke Cage, told MTO News, " I heard they were together, but I thought they were trying to keep it low key."

Well it looks like the two LEGENDARY artists are ready to make it official. CONGRATS TO THE TWO OF THEM!!


Back in 2012 Jadakiss did an interview with Vibe Magazine where he spoke about things like love, here's what he had to say: 

"I’d probably say I fell in love a long time ago, but I really didn’t know it. By being in the industry, making money and thinking you’re that dude, men do a lot of moving around. Men move around more than ladies, if you know what I mean. But I’ll say the first time I knew I was in love was when somebody that I really felt feelings for was dealing with somebody else. Nobody really knew it, but that really hit me. In the hood, stuff gets exaggerated and dude came to me like, ‘Yo, such and such is messing with…” He made it look like it was extra crazy, and I was like, ‘Word?’"

Maybe the mystery woman he was talking about all those years ago was  faith?!