MTO News just got a little bit of juicy Grammy Awards tea. There are growing whispers that rap star Lil Nas X has something going on - with R&B singer Khalid.

If the rumors are true - we could be looking at the first ever Black gay SUPER COUPLE.

But first things first. While Lil Nas X has come out as gay, Khalid has not. And it's not AT ALL clear that he's interested in romantic relationships with men. The R&B singer has been notoriously private about his personal life. And he has never spoken out about his sexuality.

There is some speculation around the industry, however, that Khalid may be bisexual.

So now on to the tea. 

MTO News spoke with a very well connected insider, who claims that the two guys were talking behind the scenes at the Grammys - and they looked "extra cozy" with each other.

The insider explained, "They were talking, and they were a little too close. Men don't get that close to each other when they talk to each other, unless . . . ."

The insider did make it clear that she wasn't sure whether Khalid is gay or bisexual. She told MTO News, "I'm not saying Khalid is gay, he has to live his truth. But the way they were talking . . . it looked like something's going on there."

Khalid is 21, and Lil Nas X is 20.