Congratulations got out to legendary Foxy Brown's daughter, Baby C, who turned 2 this week.

Foxy Brown had a very difficult pregnancy, and eventually went into labor early with Baby C. Everything turned out fine, but it nearly ended in tragedy.

Foxy recalled the day of Baby C's birth on social media:

JAN 13TH, 2yrs ago,
when, bleeding profusely from my pregnant womb, my bathroom resembled a crime scene. Scared to death;
in excruciating pain, I summoned the strength to literally crawl to my OBGYN’s office, on a MISSION to save my baby’s life!!!!!!!🙏🏽💋💋💋
And look.........👑
Perfected in his glory C💎,
An absolute beauty from birth,
the entire hospital had fallen in love with this little ANGEL OF MINE❤️
TODAY is for us!!!!!👑👑

Here are pics of the adorable toddler:

Oh and Lil Mama got that fashion icon DRIP. Check out some more pics of the cutie:

Last February, The “Ill Na Na” rapper took to Instagram to post the cutest message about her daughter, Baby C, complete with an Anita Baker nod.

“When I LOSE my way……Your LOVE comes smilin’ on me,” she gushed. “Baby C just waking up in her PJ’s, ready for her fave ducky bubble bath & TRINI plantain porridge! On our way to church to PRAISE OUR GOD, fervent prayer and praise gripped up in HIS armor!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS Hallelujah for our incredible little masterpiece AMEN!”