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EXCLUSIVE: Pics Of Black Panther Star CHADWICK BOSEMAN'S Girlfriend . . . Do You Think She's Black . . . White Or Asian????

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Ever since Black Panther broke records at the box office last weekend, people have been asking who is Chadwick dating?
Well, we got the DEETS!!

Boseman is virtually everywhere right now, promoting the new Marvel movie, Black Panther. He's been doing interviews across the globe, but he never seems to speak on his love life.

He is not a fan of President Trump, speaking to Elle magazine, he expressed his feelings about our commander-in-chief.

"Oh, Jesus. [Laughs] First of all, “Do I want to meet him?” is the question. It’s useless for me to say this, but what I want him to do is think about people. What does the everyday American have to deal with? That’s what’s criminal about what we’re seeing. They’re taking away people’s health care. People have fought wars over taxation without representation. That’s essentially what we’re experiencing."

Now that he's in the mainstream spotlight in a way that he has never been before, people will be paying special attention to who Boseman steps out with from now on.

The young lady in the pictures has been snapped out with Boseman several times, but his status remains a question mark. This man gives nothing away. He was spotted with the same woman two years ago. So, it's safe to say that he isn't a fly-by-night romance.

She’s a very PRETTY Black girl – who graduated from UCLA with a professional degree.

Here they are at this weekend’s All-Star game.