EXCLUSIVE: Peter From The ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES . . . Is Now Dating . . . Another REALITY STAR!!!

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Peter Thomas, the ex-husband of Cynthia Bailey, now has a new reality star chick that he's seeing.

According to MULTIPLE SOURCES, Peter is now dating 34-year-old SHAY from Love And Hip Hop.

How'd they hook up? Well Shay was a guest at 57-year-old Peter's Sports One club in Charlotte, North Carolina and she got into a bit of a scuffle with Chinese Nicki while there. Peter immediately came to her rescue.

According to MTO News' sources - Peter THREW Nicki out and kicked it with Shay for the rest of the night. The nest day the two posted this pic online.

And look at Shay's comment. She seems smitten.


Here's when he threw Chinese Kitty out:

This isn't the first time Chinese Nicky and Shay have had words. Back on Love And Hip Hop Miami the women had an altercation. 

VH1 reported it:

No one rides for Shay like Dawn does which is why she brought her along to confront Nicky and Kitty, and the conversation begins with a barricade between them. Literally. Shay says, “All I know is somebody did a weak b—h move, snuck up behind me and pulled my hair.” Chinese Nicky tries to diffuse the situation but things escalate when Chinese Kitty comes to the defense of her girl “Mint Chocolate,” a.k.a. Gabby. Chinese Kitty exclaims that she “ain’t weak” and seeing that Shay brought backup, Nicky feels that she came to fight. Insults are thrown around and just like that, Shay solidifies new enemies.

Shay is just running the reality circuit, she's previous been linked in Lil' Scrappy and Pleasure P to keep her celebrity relevant. Does Shay have plans to pop up on Real Housewives of Atlanta soon.

Back in August it was rumored that Peter was negotiating his own show. According to TMZ, "Production sources told them Peter and Bravo started filming a pilot focusing on his club in Charlotte, NC, Club One -- think "Vanderpump Rules."