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EXCLUSIVE: Omarosa Taped Donald Trump 'FLIRTING' . . . Possibly Sexual Harassment!!


MTO News just got a WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE regarding Omarosa's new tell-all book - and the audio conversations that she secretly taped of President Donald Trump. And what we learned is EXPLOSIVE.

The Daily Beast broke the story yesterday and they described the secret audio recordings that Omarosa made of Donald Trumps. Here's what they said:

One person confirmed to The Daily Beast they had heard at least one of her recordings featuring President Trump. Multiple sources familiar with the so-called “Omarosa tapes” described the recorded conversations between Trump and Manigault as anodyne, everyday chatter, but said they did appear to feature Trump’s voice, either over the phone or in-person.

But MTO News spoke with a person who also claims to have heard the recordings - and they were NOT SO SURE that the "chatter" between Omarosa and the President was all that "everyday."

MTO News' insider explained, "Trump was on there and it sounded like he was flirting with Omarosa. It made my skin crawl. Some people [who hear it] are going to think it was s*xual harassment."

Released pages from Manigault’s book, “UNHINGED,” provide an insider look at the day to day machinations the tapes may contain.

According to pages obtained by the Daily Beast, Manigault depicts the administration’s aggressive anti-leaker tactics, as she and Trump’s daughter Ivanka gathered the names of reported leakers for then-communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

WOW. We can't wait to read Omarosa's book - which comes out next Wednesday and we're sure it will be a HUGE SELLER. You can buy the book online HERE.