EXCLUSIVE: New Girl 'APPLE' On Love And Hip Hop . . . Was A P*RN STAR!! (Video)

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MTO News learned that Apple Watts from Love & Hip Hop has a secret porn past.

This weekend, Love And Hip Hop HOLLYWOOD unveiled their new cast. And the latest person to join the cast, is a pretty girl named Apple Watts. Apple admits to being a "dancer" from Los Angeles. She now claims that she's a rapper

According to VH1, Apple Watts isn’t just your average dancer-turned-rapper. When you peel back the layers, they claim that there’s more to the South Central diamond in the rough than meets the eye.

Well MTO News peeled back the layers and did a little digging into Apple Watts past. It turns out that she used to be an adult film star named "Apple". She was in dozens of films, and she was definitely a "skilled" performer.

Below is a link to one of her videos - warning it is GRAPHIC:

VH1's also reported that, "This Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newcomer is ready to show the world that her grind is serious. At the age of 21, Apple started her career as an exotic dancer. Over time, she’d been handpicked to flex her talents in the music videos of major artists like Ty Dolla $ign, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, YG and Future. The name she built for herself in Los Angeles led her to be selected for this colorful cast. Though she may be new, she’s not here to let anyone punk her. “I’m not here for the drama. I doubt anyone would want to struggle with me.”