EXCLUSIVE: Minnesota Police Leak DEATH PICS Of PRINCE . . .  Also Leak Interview Saying He 'ABUSED Women'!!

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The legendary music artist Prince is coming under ATTACK - a few years after his death.

A series of new reports, and images are DRAGGING Prince's name through the mud - and disrespecting him as an artist, and as a HUMAN BEING. And they're all a result of new information LEAKED by the Minnesota police.

Here is the First Pic

Here is the Second Pic

Here is the Third Pic

Here is the Fourth Pic

Its an interesting time to LEAK such SCANDALOUS information about Prince. A new report last week showed that his family has received ALMOST NONE any of the legendary artist's fortune.

Two new reports have just broken. First multiple news sources have leaked Prince's DEATH PIC. The image shows Prince lying DEAD inside his home in Minnesota.

But there's more. The Minnesota police released a police interview of his former friend Sinead O'Connor. In the video, Sinead O'Connor claims that Prince did hard drugs, and beat women. Here's what she said:

Sinead said, "I know this because I spent time with the man." She recalls it wasn't a pleasant experience, and claimed Prince "had been violent to a number of women in his life" ... some of whom she claims had to be hospitalized.

Here are some images from Prince's home: