EXCLUSIVE: Meet The Woman Bravo Hired . . . To REPLACE KENYA!! (She Has 'ALCOHOL' Issues)

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The newest Atlanta Housewife is Gail Yovanna Logan-Momplaisir. She's a very OUTGOING Atlanta businesswoman . . . who likes to TURN UP when she gets drunk.

MTO News learned that Bravo has made a decision - on who they are going to hire to replace Kenya Moore on the upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives, and it's YOYANNA.

In case you think Yovanna looks familiar, she should. You see Yoyanna was on Bridezillas a couple of years back. And while on the show they suggested that she may have a drinking problem,. Here she is:

MTO News also confirmed that Yovanna was given a CONTRACT and a peach. According to our TOP snitch, Yovanna got into a HEATED argument with fellow housewife Marlo - where she made some possible DEFAMATORY CLAIMS about Marlo - and what she does to make her money. Marlo threatened to sue Yovanna over the statements.

Bravo loved her drama so much - that hey gave her a CONTRACT ON THE SPOT. MTO News confirmed that Yovanna WILL have a peach in the upcoming season, and that she has a contract.

Here are more pics of Yovanna: