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EXCLUSIVE: Married At First Sight Bao Cheating On Johnny w/ BLACK MAN!!

Johnny and Bao are the most popular couple on the current season of Married At First sight. Well MTO News has learned that Bao has dumped Johnny, who has been cruel to her, and is now dating a Black man.


And she's not just dating any ol' Black man. She's dating another Married at First Sight star-  Zack. MTO News reported previously on speculation that Zack and Bao were together. Now we have confirmation.


Zack is still currently married to Michaela, and Johnny and Bao are still legally married. And according to Michaela, Zach has "something going on" with Bao. Given that both Zack and Bao are still married, that's technically "infidelity."

Here's Michaela confirming it:


And here's a pic of Zack and Bao on a date:


On the current season of Married At First Sight, the marriage of Bao and Johnny - both Asian Americans - is falling apart quickly. The first red flag was on the honeymoon when Bao found her old text to Johnny where he had ghosted her after she asked him to go to a museum with her. Johnny no longer had her texts on his phone and didn’t seem to remember ghosting her.

Married at First Sight Trailer

On a later episode, Johnny got upset when Bao wouldn’t get intimate with him early on. He teased her about her snoring, even after she revealed that this was a point of extreme insecurity for her. He was also upset to learn that Bao doesn’t shower multiple times a day like he does. Sometimes, Bao doesn’t shower every day.


But probably most telling is that Johnny literally hates to see his wife Bao happy. On last night's episode. Bao got excited when she saw the building where they were going to live, and that was a turn-off for Johnny because he considers her “too childish” when she’s excited. 


He told her that, and she got upset, so he left.

Later, he spoke more about how he can’t stand the way Bao expresses excitement. Bao revealed that this made her feel like he was “disgusted” by her joy, which must be a horrible feeling.


 Their relationship ending did not come as a surprise to fans.