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Kanye West Flew To MOSCOW . . . 2 Weeks Before TRUMP TOWER MEETING!! (Exclusive)

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MTO NEWS can EXCLUSIVELY report that Kanye West flew to MOSCOW just a few days after Donald Trump was elected president. And a few days after he returned to the United States, Yeezy was summoned into a meeting with the new President at Trump Tower - where he explicitly ENDORSED the new president.

Yeezy has since publicly came out to SUPPORT President Trump, and has told interviewer that he "loves" Trump.

Well now MTO NEWS is wondering - IS THERE A POSSIBLE CONNECTION - between Kanye's Russia trip and his support for President Trump?

In the past, Kanye West has claimed that he was in FINANCIAL TROUBLE, and that he was  one day hoping to "become a billionaire". It's not clear whether Kanye believed that Russian investment - could help him on his path to fortune (or out of financial ruin).

The details of Kanye's SECRET TRIP TO MOSCOW were never disclosed. But MTO NEWS is 100% certain that he was in PUTIN'S HOMELAND.

Here's what Vogue had to say about Kanye's November 2016 trip:

Kanye met up in Moscow this morning (November 15th 2017) with Russia’s favorite homegrown renegade, Gosha Rubchinskiy. Rubchinskiy, himself a designer known for his support of the next generation of Russian talents, namely Tolia Titaev and Valentin Fufaev of @Doublecheeseburgervf, is perhaps most famous for introducing the post-Soviet aesthetic to the Western world, most recently debuting a collection for Fall 2016 that riffed on vintage European sportswear.


Shortly after Kanye returned from the trip, he began vocally supporting President Trump.

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