EXCLUSIVE: Guess Which Reality Star . . . Just Got RE-HIRED By The Atlanta Housewives!!

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MTO News just got a blockbuster report. According to multiple sources in the know Bravo has re-hired one of the former housewives - to return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

MTO News confirmed that Phaedra Parks will be joining the upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives. Our snitch explains, "Everyone in the crew loved Phaedra. She knows that she made a lot of mistakes - but I always knew [Bravo] would take her back."

And there's more. We're told that Andy Cohen - the KEY DECISION MAKER in the Atlanta Housewives franchise - has already given her the green light. The insider explains, "Andy wants her back. And what Andy wants - he gets."

Phaedra has already been filming with the other Housewives. For example, she was at a 1980s party with Porsha - that was filmed by Bravo this weekend.

Reports say that Porsha and Phaedra have RECONCILED and are back to being friends again:

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are baffled after seeing photos of the stunning reality TV stars looking sexy as ever as they attended the birthday party of celebrity stylist NoIgJeremy.

Porsha was dressed in a 1980s attire that looks like it was inspired by Madonna. As for Phaedra, she had this to say about her hot bodysuit: “He said: Give me some #Foxy #Brown with Chaka Khan #flavor and #DianaRoss #drip I said: ok #daddy. I #live for a #theme #party #noigjeremy.”

The last time Phaedra and Porsha were together was at the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s ninth season reunion show where Kandi lashed at them for the rape and drug lie.


But while Phaedra will DEFINITELY be on the Atlanta Housewives, it's not clear yet - whether she'll be a PEACH-CARRYING official Housewife . . . or just a "friend". As our insider put it, "They're negotiating all that now. I don't know yet."