EXCLUSIVE: Female Rapper KREAYSHAWN Has Fallen On Hard Times . .. Now Doing P*RN!! (VID)

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Female rapper Kreayshawn was one of the BIGGEST female artists - up until a few years ago. She burst on the scene in 2011, with her song Gucci Gucci - that hit the Billboard charts.

Well that was then . . . and this is now.

Since hitting her highs, Kreayshawn has fallen on hard times. Her music is no longer selling like it used to, and she needs to pay the bills. So Kereayshawn is doing something unorthodox. She has made a series of ADULT MOVIES - and is charging her fans to watch them.

It's not entirely clear WHAT Kreayshawn is doing in the videos, but it's DEFINITELY s*xual.  She posted the videos which are described as "foot fetish" videos on the adult website Many vids.You have to be 18 years old to watch it.


Back in 2017 Kreayshawn famously QUIT rap because she's white she said.

In a series of tweets posted on Aug. 15, 2017, the Bay Area native claimed she left her rapping career behind to make more room for women of color. She also explained that although she grew up “broke and in the ghetto,” she will never grasp what people of color go through on a daily basis.

“Yes, I grew up broke and in the ghetto,” she wrote. “No does not mean I understand the struggle of POC. Yes, I made rap music and profited off of what I at the time understood as all I knew. Being broke and a bad person, but I stepped off that because, I was too privileged. So many gr8 and talented WOC who make music deserved that spot more then me. And to take that spot with my ass self was an insult.”