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EXCLUSIVE: Fabolous And Emily May Have ELOPED . . . Now Wearing WEDDING RINGS!!


Last month Emily and her rapper boyfriend Fabolous were ALL OVER THE NEWS. Emily accused Fabolous of beating her, and knocking out two of her teeth.

Emily and her family were also caught on video CONFRONTING Fabolous about alleged abuse - and Fab appeared to pull a KNIFE on them.

Well, that was then. Multiple new reports claim that Fabolous and Emily have since reconciled.

And MTO News received a new report, suggesting that the couple may have ELOPED. MTO Exclusively obtained a photo from a recent barbecue - that shows Emily and Fab hugging and smiling.

But that's not all. you see in the pics. Emily appears to be wearing a diamond wedding band on her finger. Folks on social media are suggesting that it means Fab and Emily may be ENGAGED.


Don't forget - Fabolous is still facing domestic violence charges. Even if Emily decided that she doesn't want to cooperate with the case, prosecutors can FORCE HER TO TESTIFY.

The only exception is if Emily were to be Fabolous WIFE. Under the law, prosecutors can not FORCE a wife to testify against her husband.

Earlier this week reports said that, "Emily B posted a photo of herself on her profile and was met with multiple "heart-eyed" emojis from Loso, shocking many after their very public dispute a few months ago. While it does not confirm anything about their relationship status, Fab is no longer laying low following the charges against him." 

"In mid-April, the rapper reportedly asked for a delay in the domestic violence case, possibly because the two are trying to work things out as a couple."