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EXCLUSIVE: Drake's 'RESPONSE' Will Be Going At Kanye West . . . AND Pusha T!!

Both Kanye West and Pusha T are asking to END the beef with Drake, after Pusha released his VERY disrespectful track - dissing Drake's mother, his father, his babys mother and his son.

Kanye first asked to end the beef, in a tweet. And Pusha quickly co-signed the tweet, by re-tweeting it.

As you know, "Kanye West was collateral damage in the by now infamous beef between Pusha-T and Drake, who traded shots on a number of tracks. Now ’Ye, who produced Pusha’s last album DAYTONA and lives on the same street as Drake in Calabasas, has seemingly decided to try put an end to the beef before it gets even more out of hand.

But Drake and his OVO team are NOT willing to let this go. MTO News spoke with one of our HOMIES inside OVO and they told us under NO CERTAIN TERMS is Drake letting this go.

The insider explained, "That f**K n***ga talks about people family and thinks it's over. F**k outta here. And Kanye's going to get it too."

MTO News confirmed that Drake's response WILL include a response to Kanye West also.

This is going to get GOOD.