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EXCLUSIVE: Drake Is Caught . . . Wearing A FAKE BEARD!!

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Drake's beard is fake - and he's been caught. A new pic circulating online shows DEFINITIVELY that the best rapper today . . . wears a LACE FRONT BEARD.

Drake has been under criticism for the past few years - with some believing that he's somehow "fake" for having people HELP him write his lyrics. Now hes about to be under even more scrutiny - for wearing FAKE facial hair.

MTO News located an image that CLEARLY shows Drake wearing a false beard. Or a "lacefront" beard - as it is called online. A Lacefront beard is GLUED to a man's face using WIG GLUE - to make him appear to have a thick well manicured beard.

Here is the image

Here is a Close Up of the FAKE BEARD.

As seen in the below pic, a lacefront beard can be very convincing, but it has one drawback. You see, if the man perspires too much, the wig glue can fail, and the beard can peel off - and FLAP IN THE WIND. That's exactly what happened to Drake


Drake has not spoken out yet, since being caught wearing a fake beard.

Here is the image

Here is a Close Up of the FAKE BEARD.

Despite this discovery people on social media are still supporting Drake with or without his fake beard: