EXCLUSIVE: Drake Has A New Girlfriend . . . And She's GORGEOUS!! (BIKINI PICS)

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Drake may be off the market - for now at least. Yesterday the paparazzi caught him out walking the streets of Toronto with his new girlfriend.

Actually, she's not that new - Drake and Malaika have been dating now off-and-on for the past year. According to a snitch inside Drake's OVO Camp - they're pretty serious.

Here's the pic:

Drake's insider told MTO News, "Drake likes  a lot of women, but Malaika's special. She met [Drake's ] mom and everything. I can see him settling down with her. And that's crazy to say cause Drake is a real HOE."

And Malaika's got the kind of looks that would make any man want to settle down!!


Just last month multiple reports suggested that Drake was dating British singer Raye, but it seems as if that relationship has fizzled and Drake has moved forward with Malaika. Or maybe he's moving forth with BOTH women. When you're famous you can do what you want, especially if you're poppin like the Canadian rapper. 

Last month, HotNewHipHop reported that:

According to The Sun, the Canadian grew a liking to English singer Raye during a studio session. A rising star in the United Kingdom, Drizzy looks to be in the beginning stages of a new relationship.

According to the publication, Drake and Raye have been on a number of dates, including a trip to his favorite restaurant in London. Initially impressed by her songwriting proficiency, Drake met up with the 20-year-old to work on music when the two reportedly clicked. The pair was first introduced after the English singer sent Drake one of her songs on Twitter, revealing she was a big fan of his. 

It seems as if this isn't a thing anymore, so go head Malaika!