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Cardi Reportedly DUMPED Offset . . . Pretended To Be Together . . . At Last Night's VMAs!!


Cardi B is a single lady, according to multiple sources. The Bodak Yellow rapper and her husband Offset appear to have separated - and their marriage appears to be in JEOPARDY.

Multiple sources at last night's VMAs confirmed to MTO News that Offset and Cardi were most likely "faking it" at the awards show. The insider explained, "Cardi didn't even want to be near him. I don't know WHAT he did to her, but it looked like she was done with the n***a."

Another source - a hip hop artist - told MTO news, "Offset must have f**ked up bad, because Cardi wanted no part of him."

There are reports that Cardi caught him cheating (again) and that she moved out of his Atlanta home, and back to NY with their baby.

And we have receipts, as to the couple's COLD behavior towards each other. Here are a series of videos, which document Offset's VMAs experience. As you can see, Offset didn't spend very much time with his wife Cardi.

The video shows the two distant. And Offset didn't even hug or congratulate his wife, when she won her first ever VMA.

Just a few days ago MTO News exclusively reported that Cardi B had enough with Offset and his ways. Cardi posted a video on social media, showing her and Kulture hopping on a private jet from Atlanta heading to New York City. The jet was provided by MTV - who will have Cardi performing at Monday nights VMAs.

But word is that the trip to NYC is not temporary. Once Cardi hopped on the plane, she tweeted the following: Click here to see what her Tweet said.