EXCLUSIVE: Cardi B's Sister . . . Just Got MARRIED . . . To Longtime Girlfriend!!

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MTO News just learned that Cardi B isn't the only one in her family that got secretly wed. According to a person close to Hennessey's life partner Michelle - the two ladies were also secretly married n the Spring.

The insider told MTO News, "Michelle calls Hennessey her 'wife.' She used to call Hennessey her 'girl.'" The insider believes that the two ladies were wed last Spring - in a secret sceremony in the Dominican Republic.

The insider explained, "Before the trip, Hennessey was her girl. . . after, she was [Michelle's] wife."

If the insider is right, Hennessey would be the SECOND sister in the family to elope. Cardi B eloped with longtime boyfriend Offset last fall.

The couple met through Instagram, they described it as:

It started late one night when Hennessy was scrolling through Instagram. “I was on my Explore page, and I just saw somebody with a nice outfit on and with nice bone structure, but her hat was covering half of her eyes. I turned to my sister, and I was like, ‘This is a cute girl on Instagram!’” she says. “Right away, I was like, ‘This is my wife.’


In a recent interview with Vogue Magazine Hennessy we learned a few things about the couple:

the duo now share many things, including two dogs, an apartment, and, yes, clothes. “She always borrows my big tees. Other than that, she really can’t [borrow anything] because she’s really short!” says Diaz. As for their favorite pastimes: “We like to eat and shop,” says Hennessy. “We have hella fun.” So in preparation for New York City’s Pride parade on Sunday, the two set out to score some outfits, first hitting up New York Vintage, a cornucopia of yesteryear designer finds.